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Hi, I’m Carlos Escalante, President of Herbal Ultra. We began importing quality natural extracts in 2001 with a mission to deliver products designed to combat Metabolic Syndrome to extend your quality of life – without harmful side effects. Our ingredients have been tested to FDA compliance.  Several have Published Human Clinical Studies, meaning these studies have been approved by the National Institutes of Health. Today we provide valuable information, consulting as well as super premium products that follow these studies. These products are manufactured to FDA CGMP standards, and are not corrupted by marketing ploys. We manufacture products that honor what is on the label. Thank you for visiting our site, enjoy our videos, health news and our super premium products.

As always… Best In Health!

“I took the Bergamonte for several months. My cardiologist now says all my cardio numbers are normal. This is real medicine that works! Also, no side effects at all!”

Matthew Clark, Really works!

“At 83, I need all the help I can get to keep my testosterone levels up, so that I don’t have muscle wasting, lethargy and lack of energy. I now take LJ100 and highly recommend it!”

John Edmonson, Great product and it works!

“Since losing my husband, I have had much trouble sleeping and getting night hallucinations. Started taking the Mucuna Pruriens last November, and I sleep much better!”

L. Currier, Lets me Relax

“Hello Folks, I am now finishing up my 6th bottle of NeuroActin. I do not have those loss of words during conversations as often as in the past.. and yes, my memory seems to be waking up!! I firmly believe the NeuroActin is making a difference in my quality of life.”

L J Zink, It's working!

“ParActin really does work. If I miss a day, my body lets me know. My husband was hard to convince, but after a week, he doesn’t miss a dose! It’s made major differences with his low back pain that he’s suffered with for 15 years.”

Jennifer R, ParActin is almost perfect!

“Amazing relief from knots under my shoulder blades from working at computer all day.  Ultimate Pain Relief works better than other topicals”

Rebecca B, Best I've tried

“I have an arthritic hip that flares up, one use and I had relief into the next day.   I apply a small amount of Ultimate Pain and it works very fast.”

Charlene W, Relief lasts into the next day!

“I have had spinal stenosis, degenerative discs, and other back issues, and headaches. I use the Ultimate Pain Relief balm once per day, occasionally twice a day, and have been getting great relief and more freedom of movement!”

Dana B, Great stuff!

“Within 6 months of starting Maqui, my son and I both showed vision improvement with our optometrist and were able to reduce our eyeglass prescriptions.  Subsequent visits have maintained vision without further decline.”

Cynthia B, Love all the products!

“I normally takes a long time to get to sleep, and then I wake up 4-5 times per night, and then feel fatigued the next day.  With the Ultimate Sleep, I goes to sleep immediately, sleep through the night, and feel rested the next day!”

K. Owen, Keeps me rested!

“I started on Bergamonte 2 months ago, after my doctor had been pressuring me to go on statins.  Recent blood-work shows that all of my numbers are now in normal ranges!”

Joyce H, No statins for me!

“My daughter works out, the Ultimate Pain Relief helps with sore muscles more than any other product she has tried.  I had an accident years ago, with a broken ankle and fractured spine.  The balm stops the chronic pain I have endured for so long!”

Lucille W, The balm is amazing!

“I used to go to the car three times before I remembered everything, Carlos was great insisting that I also eat right and get good exercise/circulation at least twice per day”

Mary S., No problems now.

“Helps with Osteoarthritis in neck, back & shoulder, and tendonitis in elbow.  2 capsules nightly allows for restful sleep w/o tossing & turning.”

Kenneth B., I love Paractin Ultimate

“My numbers are fantastic, diet and exercise and Citrus Bergamot, a Godsend”

Sandra C, Its a Godsend

“Inflammation from Psoriasis gone fast”

Lorraine S, Paractin worked for me

“It works for my husband, he loves it.  Full of great ingredients like kesum and curry leaf”

Cindy B, Husband loves it

“I read bergamot “may help weight loss” and boy did it help, numbers are good especially blood pressure, we both like NeuroActin too”

Terrence H, Firing on all pistons

“Maqui is the best all around supplement I use, I also use LJ100 and Quantum IQ”

Susan B, Maqui is the best all around supplement I have found

“Maqui is the best all around supplement I use, I also use LJ100 and Quantum IQ”

Susan B, Maqui is the best all around supplement I have found

“The results for weight control and healthy blood sugar were amazing, my Doctor recommended it and  I am recommending it to everyone”!  Elmore Smith, Cleveland Cavaliers, former NBA player.

Elmore Smith, I feel so much better

“Dr tried to lower my husbands A1C for years, after taking Bergamot for 3 weeks he was shocked.  I’ve had issues with feet, back and knee for years, Paractin is wonderful”

Bobbie Ruggles, Doctor was shocked

“LJ100 has given me much more strength and energy, allowing me to keep playing tennis regularly at age 79!”

Ralph Lyman, LJ100 allows me to play tennis at 79

“Floaters gone within 2 days of taking Maqui, inflammation too”

Deanna C, Maqui helped with inflammation in eyes in less than 2 days

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