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Herbal Ultra’s ownership has been involved in the natural health products industry since 2001.

Our ingredients company was the first to import a tongkat ali based supplement (LJ100), maqui berry, ParActin and citrus bergamot in supplement forms.  Any Bergamonte, LJ100 or ParActin based supplement is supplied by our company.

At Herbal Ultra our mission is to help you extend your quality of life through education, access to research, lifestyle suggestions and delivering new products for your benefit.  We pride ourselves on outstanding customer care, super premium products and consultation services by phone or through email.

Our involvement in the ingredients business opened our eyes to consumer finished product companies that lessen the nutritional value of products in favor of profit, do not ship what they represent or increase dosages for a competitive advantage when this may actually cause the product to become ineffective. Other companies will add cheap vitamins and other ingredients to a product to build a false perception of the quality and effectiveness.

Herbal Ultra Corporation was founded to insure that you are not misled and will always have access to a quality finished product based on these proven ingredients. Herbal Ultra products remain best in class and super premium.

Samples of our ingredients are tested and accompanied by a certificate of analysis prior to receipt, we then test the ingredients a second time prior to manufacturing of the finished product and once again after the product has been formulated.  We adhere to FDA regulations and require a tight chain of custody through the entire process.  We include specific dosage instructions as the mode of action of our products is unique.

All our products ship within 1 business day from Sarasota, FL unless otherwise notified. We do not use call centers, and we answer our phones from 9am EST to 5pm EST Monday thru Friday.  If you leave a voicemail, we will return calls in the evenings and over the weekends.

There is no reason we cannot stay mobile, enjoy our children, grandchildren and favorite activities into our 90s, if we take proper action NOW..  A healthy and consistent diet/exercise program is mandatory.  We must exercise a minimum of twice per day and then these products can take you to the next level.  Anyone who guarantees a product will work for you is being unfair.  No one medicine or supplement behaves the same for everyone.  It takes a commitment to a healthy mental and physical lifestyle to achieve your quality of life goals. Let us help!

Best in Health,

Carlos & Ken
Herbal Ultra Corporation

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