A Fecal Parasite Is Causing More Disease Outbreaks, and Swimming Pools May Be to Blame, CDC Says

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BY JAMIE DUCHARME Just in time for swimming season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new report on disease outbreaks associated with swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans. A recent announcement from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may put a damper on summer fun. A fecal parasite often spread by swimming is causing an increasing number of illness outbreaks, the agency says. [...]

I’m Over This Cold, so Why Am I Still Coughing?

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I’m Over This Cold, so Why Am I Still Coughing? Written by Cathy Cassata on January 17, 2019 That persistent tickle in your throat doesn’t usually mean you’re still sick. Here’s why cold symptoms can stick around after our bodies have fought off the illness. You’re finally over that nasty cold, but can’t seem to get rid of the lingering cough it left behind. Should you be worried? “Many patients want [...]

Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer With Immune Therapy

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By DENISE GRADY APRIL 16, 2018 The odds of survival can greatly improve for people with the most common type of lung cancer if they are given a new type of drug that activates the immune system, along with the usual chemotherapy, a major new study has shown. The findings should change medical practice immediately, cancer experts say: Patients with this type of lung cancer should receive the new type of treatment, [...]

Is it a Cold? Or, is it the Flu? Check these symptoms!

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Flu Symptoms & Complications Flu vs Cold Signs and Symptoms Influenza Cold Symptom onset Abrupt Gradual Fever Usual; lasts 3-4 days Rare Aches Usual; often severe Slight Chills Fairly common Uncommon Fatigue, weakness Usual Sometimes Sneezing Sometimes Common Stuffy nose Sometimes Common Sore throat Sometimes Common Chest discomfort, cough Common; can be severe Mild to moderate; hacking cough Headache Common Rare Flu Symptoms Influenza (also known as the flu) is a [...]

Understanding Lupus…

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What is lupus? Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years. In lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and germs ("foreign invaders," like the flu). [...]

Smart Eating Tips for Immune System Health

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What you eat does affect your immune system, so eating an overall healthy diet will not only help your body, it'll help your immunity, as well. There are some nutrients that are particularly important for your immune system. Antioxidants, like vitamins A, C & E.  Minerals like Zinc and Selenium. While food is always best, if you think your diet isn’t well balanced, you can choose a vitamin supplement or a [...]