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Herbal Ultra’s Products are backed by more research than any natural products on the market today.


LJ100 – 12 Clinical Studies showing its ability to inhibit the SHBG(sexual hormone binding globulin) which traps testosterone to our cells. By inhibiting the SHBG, the bound or trapped testosterone is now free, so your body has the ability to utilize more of the testosterone it naturally produces.  Introducing external testosterone solutions can trigger your body to stop production of it.

Bergamonte has Published Human Clinical Studies for the Support of Healthy Cholesterol & Blood Sugar!  Including healthy triglyceride, HDL, LDL and blood sugar levels. The only product to show an increase in HDL cholesterol, which reduces your risk of heart attack.

Paractin has Published Human Clinical Studies for the Support of Rheumatoid Arthritis, back pain, joint pain, bone density and joint flexibility.

Maqui Ultimate was tested by Brunswick Laboratories with results showing it is 700x stronger than any leading super fruit product on the market today; and 100x stronger than any maqui berry product on the market.  This may seem high, but it is not about the ORAC value alone, the results show specific health issue support in the areas of eye and blood sugar that are remarkable.

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