NeuroActin Ultimate – Support Healthy Brain, Memory Function and Cognitive Response Through Cell Protection. Clinical Studies Support Healthy Tau Protein


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NeuroActin Ultimate – Unmatched Brain Cell Protection for Clear Thinking, Concentration, and Memory

PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS BRAIN CELLS – NeuroActin Ultimate helps maintain healthy inflammation status and healthy tau protein levels, two important factors in preserving your brain cells and their critical communication system. When your brain cells can communicate perfectly, you’ll feel sharper, steadier, and lightning-fast.

HEALTHY NEW BRAIN CELL CREATION – Andrographis, the key ingredient in NeuroActin Ultimate, contains unique natural plant chemicals that stimulate the creation of healthy new brain cells no matter how old you are. That fresh supply of brain cells can help you stay more alert and focused throughout the day.

COGNITION, MEMORY, AND FOCUS – Scientifically selected ingredients support your healthiest brain by helping increase your mental energy and flexibility, so you can take on the day with calm focus and clear thinking.

AVOID EMBARRASSING “SENIOR MOMENTS” – Fresh, strong brain cells help keep your memory sharp well into your older years, so you can sidestep “senior moments,” and remember the things you need to. Imagine how easy your day will be when you can find your keys in two seconds flat or effortlessly recall names, appointments, and birthdays.

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NeuroActin has unique mode of action, instead of adding foreign proteins to the brain that may have no effect.  It works directly with neurotransmitters responsible for providing nutrients to the brain cell and waste removal by fortifying the tau. Think of tau as the coating on a wire, when the coating breaks down, there is a breach in the communication within the cells of our brain. When nutrients don’t have a way in to that area and waste is dumped, the waste forms plaque on the brain cell; the combination of this activity will kill the brain cell.  Combine this with the Vitamin B’s and Schisandra and you have the most effective supplement for the support of healthy brain function on the market today.

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Dosage Instruction: Simply take 2 per day with or without your meals. We recommend a 5-days-on, 2-days-off dosage pattern.


There are no known interations.   Limit exposure to sun and other source of ultraviolet light.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.


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2 reviews for NeuroActin Ultimate – Support Healthy Brain, Memory Function and Cognitive Response Through Cell Protection. Clinical Studies Support Healthy Tau Protein

  1. Ernest A Hansen (verified owner)

    After taking NeuroActin for 20 days I lost all taste, and I mean all taste. It didn’t mater what I ate or drank,it was like drinking water, and eating cardboard.. Liver tasted the same as a T-Bone steak. Lobster, bacon, pizza – nothing. Actually, I ran out, didn’t see where they were helping, so I didn’t reorder any, and my taste came back a few days later. This is supposed to be for memory, and I guess that’s true. You’ll need a good memory to remember what food actually tasted like. Could be a great diet pill!

    • Carlos Escalante (verified owner)

      Hello Ernest, That is the only known side effect with NeuroActin, it can affect taste. However, we have had only 3 to 5 of these reports since 2007 and the taste returns, the recommendation is to take it with food. If you’re not comfortable trying that, we understand. It is an extract from a very bitter tasting plant material, 100% natural water based extract, best in health.

  2. Edward G. (verified owner)

    My mom is in her 80’s and as some of her friends are starting to show the affects of Alzheimers or Dimentia, she is as sharp as a whip thanks to this product. She doesn’t forget some of the little things like she used to and she has told her friends about it as well. I don’t know if this has the same experience for others but my mom loves it. She has not seen any side effects from this product so that helps and her semi-annual doctor visits have been good. She still has some other health issues but overall, she is in a much better state of mind with everything she does. She is more active with her friends as well. Cheers!

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