Slash ALL Your Critical Numbers and Save Your Life with a Single (Bitter) Pill

HSI Health Sciences Institute Vol. 19, No. 6
by Michele Cagan

Your risk of heart attack—in the near future—may be much greater than you think.  If you have either type 2 diabetes OR high blood pressure, you’re more than twice as likely to suffer a cardiac event.  That risk jumps to eight times greater—an 800% increase—if you have both.
And when those two are combined with cholesterol problems, you face a 1900% risk increase… making it almost 20 times more likely that you’ll suffer a potentially deadly heart attack, and soon.
You need to take control, lower those numbers, and lower your risk… today.
If you head to a mainstream doctor, chances are you’ll walk away with a handful of prescriptions.  Or, you try to slash those numbers naturally instead, with the help of one
single, powerful fruit that conquers them all.

The deadly risk of metabolic syndrome

Whatever you call it—syndrome X, prediabetes, or diabesity—metabolic syndrome is deadly.
This combination of conditions sets you up for heart attack and stroke…and premature death. And you may not even realize you have it, because most of its symptoms are silent.
Metabolic syndrome is really a collection of dangerous conditions:
• high blood pressure
• high blood sugar (but not
quite diabetes)
• high LDL cholesterol
• low HDL cholesterol
• excess fat around the waist

Having even one of these conditions can set you up for heart disease. And, as you saw above, piling them on
increases your risk a lot.
Chances are, though, that these conditions show up one at a time. So your doctor starts to treat one. Then the next, then the next—and doesn’t really look at them as one issue.  And that makes sense, because there is no prescription drug that can treat all of this at once.
But there is a natural supplement that does.  With this single remedy, you can get all of your numbers—including that waist size—under control, and fast. Which is a much better choice that taking multiple drugs that cause
dozens of side effects.

Polypharmacy means more chance of danger…or death

To treat metabolic syndrome the mainstream way, you’d need to take at least three prescription drugs (polypharmacy)…probably more: one to bring down your blood pressure, another to lower your cholesterol, and still another to balance your blood sugar.
And to make matters worse, these drugs typically don’t work as a team.  For example, taking a diuretic to lower your blood pressure or a statin for your cholesterol can increase your blood sugar—exactly the opposite of what you need to do. Plus, the chances of adverse effects and interactions soar if you go to more than one doctor or
more than one pharmacy.
On top of that comes the risk of increased side effects, even death, especially in older patients.  For example, polypharmacy sets you up for (among other things)
• cognitive decline
• falling
• hospital admission
• decreased quality of life
• kidney disease

That doesn’t even cover the standard side effects of the individual drugs… and there are far too many of those to fit into a whole year of Members Alert issues.
But you don’t have to worry about any of those, because a safer, more effective solution comes from just one natural source.

This bitter fruit makes life sweeter

In a tiny region on the southern coast of Calabria, Italy, a unique super citrus fruit grows. Bergamot is different than the citrus fruit you’re used to. It’s about as big
as an orange, but yellow like a lemon.  And while it’s a little less sour than a lemon, it’s much more bitter than a grapefruit.
That distinct bitterness comes from a potent compound called naringin. And, on its own, naringin has been proven in multiple studies to conquer high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high triglycerides.
And naringin is only one of the many powerful natural compounds found in the bergamot fruit. Neoeriocitrin and rutin, for example, protect LDL cholesterol from dangerous oxidation. Brutieridine and melitidine work the same way as statin drugs, but with a gentler touch, to get cholesterol under control. And a team of four—naringin,
rutin, apigenin, and neoericitrin—all activate a key enzyme known as AMPK that regulates blood sugar and metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity.
With that unique combination of plant chemicals, bergamot is the only fruit in the world proven to impact every facet of metabolic syndrome. And when you extract and concentrate its juice, you get a supplement—called Bergamonte—that works like nothing else you’ve ever tried.

Three more ways it can save your life

In the most recent study on Bergamonte—and there are three human clinical trials—researchers discovered three more ways this citrus extract can help save your life.
In addition to knocking down LDL cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), triglycerides, and blood sugar, Bergamonte also had a powerful impact on cholesterol
particle size, inflammation markers (CRP and TNF-α), and the most deadly liver disease—NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease).
For this trial, 107 metabolic syndrome patients who also suffered with NAFLD, took either 650 mg of Bergamonte or placebo twice daily for four months. By the end of the trial period, the patients in the Bergamonte group had significantly lower count of small dense LDL particles—the most dangerous kind of cholesterol. In addition, biomarkers of NAFLD were significantly reduced. And, of course, all the numbers looked so much better (in the Bergamonte group only)…
• BMI was reduced by 4%
• fasting blood sugar dropped by 17%
• LDL cholesterol plummeted 38%
• HDL cholesterol increased by 29%
• triglycerides dropped 31%
• CRP fell 22%
• TNF-α decreased 26%

With its substantial positive impact on so many health dangers, Bergamonte may help save your life.

Better than statin drug in key measures

In 2013, researchers pitted Bergamonte against a statin drug in a 30-day clinical trial, with impressive results for patients with high LDL cholesterol
and triglycerides.
At every turn, Bergamonte rivaled a 10 mg dose of rosuvastatin, even beating it in two key measures.
And Bergamonte did that without any of the negative side effects that statin drugs are known to cause. And unlike statins, Bergamonte also has a positive effect on blood sugar, inflammation, and blood pressure.

A 39% drop in triglycerides

HSI members learned about the first human trial of Bergamonte back in 2010, before it had even been published. And the results remain just as impressive. That 30-day placebo controlled trial, which included 238 patients with high cholesterol—some of whom also had high blood sugar—gave us an early glimpse of just how effective Bergamonte can be.  Patients in the Bergamonte group saw, on average:
• a 36% plunge in LDL cholesterol
• a 39% decrease in triglycerides,
• a 22% drop in blood sugar levels
• a 40% increase in healthy HDL cholesterol

All of that from a single, safe solution…instead of a handful of potentially dangerous, or hard to deal with, drugs.

Insulin use cut by half

An honest-to-goodness cowboy, Bob Stratton rode bulls and won trophies as part of a roping team, and still goes hunting with his bow and arrow… despite living with diabetes.
“I had a heck of a good time,” Bob (now 64 years old) told me. “But what I don’t like is taking insulin—I hate all the injections.”
Thanks to Bergamonte, though, Bob has been able to cut his insulin use by half. “That’s A-plus to me,” he said. “My goal is to get off insulin, so I’m real pleased with Bergamonte.”
In fact, in less than two months on Bergamonte, his morning sugars dropped down between 75 and 125.
“My morning sugars never looked that good before. My endocrinologist can hardly believe my sugars are that good.” “To me,” Bob said, “Bergamonte is God-sent. I’m thankful for that.”

A 60-point plunge in cholesterol

“My total cholesterol dropped from 267 to 207, and my LDL went from 182 down to 125—in just three months.”
Cindy Walters like to control her own health choices. So when she found out her cholesterol was high—“even though I was behaving”—she knew she had to do something. But that something would not be statin drugs, and she made that very clear to her doctor.
Then, Cindy found out about Bergamonte.  “It’s the first thing I tried for cholesterol—and it worked!”

“Keeps my metabolism up and my cholesterol down”

“I’ve taken other supplements but I’ve never seen results like these,” said Tom Hinton. “The Bergamonte keeps my metabolism up and my cholesterol down.”
Tom watches his diet… somewhat. So his weight tends to go up and down. But when he started taking Bergamonte (about three months ago), his metabolism really kicked in. Now Tom eats “whatever the heck I want,” and still his weight stays steady.  “I’d been really busy at work, too busy to work out for about three weeks, but I didn’t gain any weight. Then I pigged out for four or five days. And my weight still stayed in the sweet spot!”
“Without a shadow of a doubt, Bergamonte changed my metabolism, in just about two weeks.”

Defeat metabolic syndrome with Bergamonte

Bergamonte is the only supplement that impacts all the facets of metabolic syndrome plus helps your body combat inflammation and liver disease.
The manufacturer recommends taking two Bergamonte capsules twice a day, in the morning and evening thirty minutes before eating, for the first month. After that, they recommend a maintenance dose of two to four capsules daily depending on your results.



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